Add Custom AI Voiceovers to Any Project...

Add Custom AI Voiceovers to Any Project for $50

Add Custom AI Voiceovers to Any Project for $50

Mar 26, 2023 02:42 AM John Wick

Everyone can name at least a couple of great speeches from history, but great PowerPoint presentations? Probably not.

That's a testimony to the power of the human voice, and it's why few media projects can do without one. The problem is that not all creators have the voice talent or the time to do voiceovers the right way. Enter Micmonster, a generator that relies on the power of AI to deliver convincing and compelling voiceovers in a way that few text-to-speech tools can for less than $50.

If you've never used a voice generator before, Micmonster makes it easy. Feed it a few lines of text, and with its revolutionary AI technology, you can get narration with human-like inflection almost instantly. It's ideal for online content creators who make explanation videos, or really any kind of content where narration happens off-screen. That includes training films, podcasts, animated features, and much more. Want to turn your own novel into an audiobook? You can. Since Micmonster can 'speak' more than 140 languages, you can have translations for nearly any market across the globe.


MicMonster Pro VIdeo from MicMonster on Vimeo.

But the real appeal of Micmonster is in its diverse library of voice styles. There are more than 600 voices—and counting—to choose from. The number of voices is virtually unlimited when you consider the range of customization options you have after initial selection: Tweak things like pitch and pause rates and alter inflections at specific key passages. In several languages, including English, French, and Chinese, you can assign emotions to your speech and make it express happiness, excitement, sadness, or anger. You could even start a dialogue by using more than one voice style in your voiceover.

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